About Balkan Market LTD.

An Small Introduction Into the Eastern European Cuisine First:

Eastern European cuisine is a mixture of influences of the two powers which have left a deep trail in the region: the Ottoman Empire (the Turks) and Austria-Hungarian Empire.What is the best way to describe the Eastern European national cuisine? Well, Eastern Europe, on the crossroads of civilizations a specific mixture has arisen, as a result of combined influences from both the East and the West . Eastern Europe cuisine is really international cuisine with unavoidable native elements,and it is: different types of pies and typical Turkish pastries,noodles and fish.Homemade bread, cheese and kajmak.'Kajmak is what you take off the milk to make it low fat, and is considered the best part of the milk. Yes, it is full of milk fat, but it's delicious. This is one of the oldest specialties from this region, the only one that can not be produced in industrial production without losing its well known look and taste'.Different types of meals from peppers,something like Ajvar a specialty made from grilled red peppers unique for its taste and beauty of colors. Cevapi with chopped onion, Beef burgers, sausages-made form Pork or Beef, pork chops, grilled meat,homemade smoked meat, Baked meat (whole pig or lamb). In any case, the cuisine is very rich and there is something for everyone!

Balkan Market LTD.
We are Eastern European grocery store and we offering variety of imported goodies from Eastern Europe. But we are making and sell some homemade products as well.You are welcome to visit us and check homemade products we can offer for you :

  • PITA with Beef meat
  • PITA with cheese
  • PITA per custom order
  • CEVAPI made from Beef only
  • SUDJUKICE made from Beef only.
  • Homemade Smoked Meat Beef
  • Homemade Smoked Meat Pork
  • Homemade Smoked Beef Sousage
  • Homemade Smoked Pork Sousage
  • Baked Whole " PIG"
  • Baked Whole " LAMB"
  • PITA Burek
  • PITA Sirnica
  • PITA po narudjbini
  • Svjezi CEVAPI
  • Svjeze SUDZUKICE
  • Suho Meso Govedina
  • Suho Meso Svinjetina
  • Sudjuka
  • Kobasice
  • Pecenje Prasetina
  • Pecenje Janjetina
  • We are offering some of products above only per order. Thank you for visiting:
    Balkan Market LTD.